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Bad Faith

Insurance claims get denied. Insurance benefits get delayed for so long that it amounts to a denial. If the insurance company has denied or delayed your claim you may have the right to file a claim for bad faith. Funderburg, Sessums and Peterson, PLLC handles all bad faith claims and has prosecuted claims against insurance companies that have wrongfully delayed or denied death benefits, private disability benefits, benefits under ERISA plans, workers’ compensation benefits, fire loss claims, property damage claims, uninsured motorist benefits and bodily injury claims. We have pursued actions for compensatory and punitive damages in Mississippi state and federal courts and have successfully represented clients whose claims were wrongfully denied.

We pursue damages against insurance companies, agents, third party administrators and service companies that wrongfully deny benefits, wrongfully suspend benefits, fail to adequately investigate claims and utilize their superior bargaining position to force inadequate settlements.

If you believe your claim or your benefits have been wrongfully denied or administered our attorneys can evaluate your case and offer experienced representation if necessary.

Our attorneys are more than happy to review and discuss any potential claim with you.
Please contact our office to set an appointment to speak with them.