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Why Are Falls the Most Common Type of Accident Seen on Construction Sites?

Workplace accidents can occur in any industry, yet falls are the most common type of accident seen on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that over one-third of all workplace fatalities occur in the construction industry - with falls being the most reported injury. So why are falls so common? Let’s look at some of the associated causes and injuries that can result from a fall on a construction site.

Common Causes of Falls

One of the main reasons why falls are so common on construction sites is that workers often perform tasks at heights, such as installing roofing materials, painting structures, cleaning windows, setting up scaffolding, and more. Other causes may include slippery surfaces due to inclement weather or spills, poor lighting, unsecured ladders or other equipment, and faulty tools or machinery. Additionally, when safety rules aren’t followed correctly, like wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), it increases the risk of falls and other accidents.

Most Reported Injuries Due to Falls

The most common injuries resulting from a fall on a construction site include strains and sprains caused by gripping onto something while falling to break your fall; abrasions caused by contact with rough surfaces; bone fractures due to landing awkwardly; head injuries due to hitting your head against something during your fall; spinal cord injuries due to compression when you land; as well as any number of internal organ damage or injury depending upon how far you fell or what you landed on.

Falls are the most common type of accident on construction sites and tend to cause some of the most severe injuries. Workers need to take all necessary precautions when working at heights – such as wearing PPE and following safety regulations – to reduce their risk of an accident. Additionally, employers must ensure that their worksites are free from any potential hazards that could put workers at risk for injury from a fall. By taking these steps, everyone can work together towards creating safer worksites that protect workers and employers.

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