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Fighting for people who've suffered burn injuries in workplace incidents, chemical spills, and other accidents.

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Jackson Burn Injury Lawyers

Millions Won by Burn Attorneys in Mississippi

Of all accidental injuries, burn injuries are some of the most common ones doctors see every day. You can suffer burns from fire, chemical exposure, electrocution, pressure, friction, or even sun exposure. Unfortunately, the worst burns are also the most costly when it comes to treatment, with long-term financial ramifications adding to a person's emotional and physical suffering.

If you've suffered a burn because of someone else's negligence, call Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC. We're the premier burn injury firm in Jackson and beyond. With over 90 years of combined experience, our small but seasoned team of litigators is the attorney-of-choice for judges, lawyers, doctors, and other people we've worked with all over Mississippi. Why? Because when your future is on the line, people need a firm that knows what it takes to win. That's who we are.

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The Leading Cause of Burn Injuries

The American Burn Association reports that the most common cause of burn injuries is fire or open flame. There are over 3,000 civilian fatalities caused by fire every year, either in residences or in the workplace. However, the cause of burn injuries in industrial settings is not exclusive to open flame.

Burn injuries fall into four categories:

  • Thermal burns (includes fires and contact with heated items)

  • Chemical burns

  • Flash burns (includes explosions)

  • Inhalation burns (includes lung damage due to smoke or chemical vapor)

Regardless of the kind of burn you've received, there's a steep cost to treat a serious burn injury. Specialists, around-the-clock monitoring, and multiple corrective surgeries are typical for full-thickness burns (aka third-degree burns). Some burn injuries can incur more than $1 million in hospital bills; burns are permanent losses in more ways than one.

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