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Workers' Compensation

Representing injured employees in Jackson, Mississippi, with more than 90 years of collective legal experience.

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Jackson Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Fighting For Employees' Rights

At Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC, we are committed to finding answers and winning compensation for workers who were injured on the job. In Mississippi, employees are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their very first day at work, and employers are responsible for supporting their workers should they be hurt on the job.

Workers' Compensation
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Types of Accidents Workers’ Compensation Covers

Workers’ compensation typically applies to any injury that occurs at work or while traveling for work. This is true whether the employee is traveling on a business trip or the scope of work includes travel, such as for truckers. However, workers’ compensation typically does not cover any accident that occurs while commuting to or from work.

Accidents that may be covered by workers’ compensation include:

With over 90 years of collective experience serving clients in Jackson, Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC is the firm to call when you’re faced with a work injury. Contact our team at (601) 355-5200 today to learn more about your options!

Workers' Compensation FAQs

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance plan that is required for every employer in Mississippi with more than five employees, except for charitable organizations and farmers.

What Does No-Fault Mean?

No-fault means that, if you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if nobody did anything wrong to cause your injury.

What Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Any injury is covered. It doesn’t matter if the injury is serious or not; all that matters is that the injury occurred on the job. Gradually developing injuries, like lung conditions caused by breathing in contaminated air on the worksite or carpal tunnel syndrome that occurs after years of repetitive hand work, are usually covered.

Work doesn’t need to be the sole cause of an injury or disability for workers’ compensation to apply. As long as it can be shown that the work contributed to it by aggravating a preexisting condition or accelerating a condition that would not have otherwise become disabling, coverage can be granted.

When Does Workers’ Compensation Coverage Start?

In Mississippi, workers’ compensation coverage begins on the first day of employment. Coverage remains even if an injured employee is terminated or quits.

What Should You Do If You Are Injured at Work?

First, you should immediately report the injury to your employer, even if you don’t think it’s serious. You should also make a written report (keep a copy!) and have witnesses sign it as confirmation of the injury.

What Benefits Are Available Under Workers’ Compensation?

Medical treatment is available at no cost to you; there is no deductible or co-pay. The right to receive medical treatment paid by the employer and insurance carrier to treat a work injury is unlimited in amount and duration.

If a medical provider takes you off work for more than five days as a result of your injury, you are entitled to disability benefits. Disability is paid at two-thirds of your weekly wage up to a maximum weekly benefit during the year that the injury occurred.

These include:

  • 2020 --$505.43 a week and $227,443.50 overall max;

  • 2021 --$523.16 and $235,422.00 ; and,

  • 2022 --$551.02 and $247,959.00.

How Long Does a Workers’ Compensation Claim Last?

You have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim in Mississippi. Your benefits, including the money paid by your employer, will stop after two years unless you have filed a petition with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson Is Here to Fight for You

Since 2000, Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC has served the good people of Jackson after serious injuries. We believe that each individual client is our most important client and that the people we help are more than just case numbers. Our experienced workers' compensation attorneys have more than 90 years of collective legal experience, which we use to pursue the highest compensation on behalf of every client.

Have more questions about workers' comp in Mississippi? Don't hesitate to reach out to our Jackson workers' compensation lawyers by calling (601) 355-5200 or contacting us online for a free consultation.


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